About Us
BEACON officially opened its doors in October of 2007 but the dream of the company began much earlier than that. Early in their relationship, Bryan and Claire often talked about running their own business. Bryan was a teacher and a coach and Claire was a project manager for a construction company when they first married. The original plan was to eventually build houses together which they actually did after 2 years of marriage (it was their own house).

Bryan and Claire Northcutt with Family As the housing market started to teeter, Claire found a job with an insulation company in Auburn. She hit the ground running and quickly built the business there. It was 6-months into their pregnancy with their first child, that the company she worked for called her in and said they were closing the doors on that office. With no realistic chance to find another job that far into a pregnancy, Bryan and Claire decided to take the business that was on the books and install it under their own name - BEACON.

Bryan finished that year of teaching and joined the team full time. As Claire continued to have children, she felt strongly that she needed to be with them more and more. Thus she decided to pull away to take care of the kids. Bryan has been running the company’s day to day operations for 6 years now (with input from Claire of course).

In 2013, Bryan and Claire felt a calling to return to Bryan’s hometown of Fort Payne, AL to lead worship at his home church (Wills Valley Community Church). The intent was to keep the business open in Auburn but they soon found enough work to start a division in Fort Payne as well. Then, in 2014, the Lord stretched the reach of BEACON into the Huntsville, AL market and Bryan hired his brother Clint to manage that division. In early 2016, the Auburn division closed its doors and now BEACON is exclusively in North Alabama.

Bryan and Claire are firm believers that the Lord is the one directing them and they want to make sure all know that He is the reason they do what they do. He is their first priority and they want to honor Him in everything. BEACON’s company verse is Matthew 5:16 - "Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and praise your Father which is in heaven".
Bryan Northcutt:

Born in rural NE Alabama Bryan made his way to Huntsville in 1991 as a college student at AU.   He had the wonderful opportunity to play football for his beloved Huntsville Tigers as a place kicker.   This lead to a short stint in arena football with the Columbus War Dogs.   Bryan graduated with bachelors in mathematics and a Master's in Education.

Upon graduation, Bryan spent the next 10 years as a teacher and coach at Opelika High School.   He taught Mathematics, was the faculty rep for FCA, coached football, baseball and golf.   In that 10 years, he also spent time with East Alabama Youth for Christ and led worship for First Baptist Church of Opelika.   This was the greatest experience of his life because that is where he met his wife Claire.

Claire Northcutt:

Born in Gadsden, Alabama, Claire was raised in a home of homebuilders.   She was on jobsites at the age of five and always has some sort of responsibility to help in her families' business.   As a junior in high school, she went to work for Turner Universal Construction as their youngest co-op student.   During high school she became interested in math & design and received a 5-yr. Presidential Scholarship to study architecture at Pratt Art Institute in NYC.

Through the direction of her parents and her experiences in construction, Claire decided to get a double major in Building Science.   She moved to Huntsville in 2002 to finish out her schooling.   Claire has worked for various residential and commercial construction companies.   In 2008 she gave birth to her and Bryan's first child and hopes to continue growing their family.
Mission Statement
We provide cost effective, energy efficient solutions for homes and businesses while at the same time seeking to empower our employees to live a life reflected in 1 Thessalonians 4:11-12. (Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life: you should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.).